Sunday, May 3, 2009

harbor fog

12x16 oil on hardboard
Starting a foggy painting of Southwest harbor.

Below is a carving by an artist from Southwest harbor, Sandy Bridges.  It's a Woodcock and is carved out of bass wood and took about 300 hours to complete.
Collection of Candy Bridges  5 in. tall 

Blue jay on patio looking for a seed at snack time.


Pattie Wall said...

Nice beginning. I can hear the foghorn. Your blue jay reminds me of the 4 - oops, now three for some reason - marauders that are terrorizing the woods during brooding time...I assume scaring mothers from their nests and absconding with their eggs. In my mind, I have made a movie about these "bad guys".

Robin Lee said...

The wood artist produces beautiful work. I wish I had some to that talent. Your painting talent must be genetic. Keep up with the spirit!