Friday, March 6, 2009


Here's something I am working on. I wanted to make a convincing painting of the blossom. But some where earlier I should have stopped.  It's going off track from the get go. I'll check some books for advice. 


Pattie Wall said...

OOO, the light and shadow are SUPER in this one. Colors are amazing - you nailed this one! Self study is a good thing!

Mark Bridges said...

Wow. I got frustrated with it and stopped, to come back later after thinking about it more. Meaning how could do it right next time. I thought that the thumbnail view was good, but didn't really like feel of the flowers or their depiction. When i look for other's paintings it seems they went way complex. So it doesn't really help me much. I'm sure it's something to ponder and keep doing a few versions of.