Monday, January 26, 2009

Final victorian house

16x20 oil on canvas

I added the oil stains to the street. I really wanted to use vigorous brush work on the house  but I'm not sure just how William Wray would do it.


dominique eichi said...

What an impressive endeavor you undertook . I like the added oil marks in the road. good job.

Mark Bridges said...

Thanks Dominique

Avocaken said...

Hi. I also like your second effort better. The added color in the house plus the darkened street really look good! Nice job. I was OK with mine until I (tried to) add the crummy tree and the fence. Should have left well enough alone. I don't know when to stop. aaaarrgghhhh! :-)

Warm regards, Ken Barclay

r garriott said...

Very interesting and quite convincing. You did a great job of filling in the streetscape (with no reference??) I wonder if the house might really be that close to the main drag?