Sunday, October 12, 2008


20x16 oil on canvas

 This is this weeks challenge on Karin Juricks blog.  This was tough. I wanted to spot light on the guy in black at the floor center. I got too tired after two hours and it took me 3.  I think I should have been more selective, and it wouldn't have look ......  I'll see what other people did and give it a good think.


Pattie Wall said...

You have been busy! I like the fact that you went BIG! More paint, takes more time ya know. I like how you silhouetted the others on the side, sort of shadows. Good job! Difficult subject this time.

hissnhowl said...

I agree this is a really difficult one and you did a GREAT job!

Mark Bridges said...

Thanks, I think I lost my focus in that, this wasn't an orange or pepper. I did the black suited man first then didn't know how to address the other people in a way to keep less focus on them. I'm sure I could just study Karins cross walk painting for guidance.

Mona said...

Mark, I think you are being too hard on yourself, because to me this is a really successful painting. I really like how this piece works because you found a focal point with this central figure, plus you have several secondary focal points, i.e. the woman in red and few others, you have a great sense of light, subduing the unimportant peripheral material, and flooding this with the yellow and paper on the floor.
Add to this there is also a fun sense of color as the eye travels the room.

For all of these reasons, to my eye it is much more interesting than the photo it is based on.

Alice Thompson said...

Mark , I really like the ghostly figures on the floor. It makes me want to see the same figures/spirits floating in the negative space around the painting to carry you back around the composition. Kinda Spooky?
Just an idea but if you put symbols like a Bull(for bull market), a sword or trade symbols like ETrade etc. in the painting that might be cool too.
I like it a lot!