Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back lit Tangerine

6x8 oil on canvas panel

Seems this worked better than the last tangerine.


Barbara Pask said...

Great job on this tangerine. Good color and it's nice and loose. Barb

n. rhodes harper said...

Hi Mark, I really like the tangerine. You have really loosened up! Great job. Yes Karin uses the american painter series brushes she uses about a half in. wide flat. you can buy them at Michaels. Cheap. No real dynamic ideas from the English workshop. Just practice, paint from life and paint what you see. Especially colors, don't make up colors paint the colors and values you see. I have a couple of the 5 minute exercises to put on the blog and I will later. I must be getting old because I am still not recovered from standing up all day in the elements for the workshop. My bones hurt!!

Dar Presto said...

This is really well done!